Please read; tips, info, and rules of The PEA

An "ANYTHING GOES" forum for discussing the interests, issues and concerns of the paramedical examiner community. Sharing ideas, knowledge, experiences and opinions is strongly encouraged.

However, we do ask that all participants respect the rights of others to communicate in whatever manner they wish, positive or negative, and TRY to behave respectfully toward one another when conflicts in views or opinions arise.

Our goal is to create an environment where examiners can speak openly and honestly without the restrictions of forced diplomacy or the constraints of having to observe over-bearing rules of political correctness.
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Please read; tips, info, and rules of The PEA

Postby Admin » Mon Feb 07, 2011 10:54 am

There are no membership requirements for using this board, you may post whatever and whenever you want without being a member. However, members do gain access to additional posting tools.

When posting anonymously please use a name (even if it's just a fictitious name) so others can follow WHO's saying WHAT in that particular topic, or to be referenced by that name if someone quotes you. It's very helpful for keeping the flow of communication clear.

You may find yourself having to click "submit" twice to enter your post. That's because there are time restrictions on how many minutes you have to compose your post and it's done to minimize spamming or other atrocities people may try to commit on this board.

Please limit quoting to the particular part of a message you're referring to (you can highlight and delete the parts you don't want). Quoting an entire post, particularly without adding your own message, just causes clutter on the board. Please help keep the board easily read-able for everyone.

Everyone has access to this board; that means insurance companies, paramedical companies, labs, etc. We urge ALL examiners to get involved and share their thoughts, opinions or stories but to keep this in mind and use caution when providing specifics which others might be able to use to figure out your identity. The PEA provides the means to be anonymous but examiners must use their own discretion if they want to guarantee their anonymity.

The PEA allows users to advertise goods or services beneficial to examiners without having to request our permission. HOWEVER, we expect them to be posted as separate New Topics and not to be re-posted more than once a month.

If you reply in existing topics your replies must be relevant to the topic and/or be answers to questions specifically directed at you. Under no circumstances are you allowed to go off topic with sales pitches or otherwise interfere with the flow of topics.

These are privileges we are extending, they are not rights. Any misuse or abuse of our message board is grounds to lose these privileges and may result in; having any or all of your posts removed, being banned from the board, or any other actions we deem necessary.

Please be mindful and respectful of these rules and don't ruin it for yourself or others.

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