Med Physicals Plus - Attn: Examiners with Direct Business

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Med Physicals Plus - Attn: Examiners with Direct Business

Postby Guest » Tue Oct 15, 2013 3:43 pm

Attention: Examiners
MedPhysicals Plus, LLC is a business partner for paramedical examiners who have direct business. As a paramedical broker, MedPhysicals Plus, LLC has established strategic partnership with select national paramedical companies as a third-party and direct biller. This means that no matter what company your direct order is through, MPP will be able to bill it, allowing you to only work for one company instead of multiple Paramedical companies. Our business is strictly to serve examiners and make sure they get the support and customer service they need to perform exams.
Here is just a sample of what MPP brings to the table:
• Phone Support (Unlike the busy paramedical companies out there, we ANSWER our phones)
• Requirements and Forms - We have all requirements and forms for your needs
• Email Support and Confirmation – Each time you send in an order, you will receive an email confirmation, confirming that we received your direct order
• One "simple" process to send your paperwork in (No Data Entry)
• Consistent and Accurate Payroll (twice a month; Direct Deposit)
• No Non-Compete Contracts
We also bring over 75 years of experience in the Paramedical Business!!!!
Let MPP do all the administrative work for you. Contact us today for more information. Call our National Recruiting Manager, Doug Halbach @ (901)409-5517 or email him at Also visit our website: ... -examiner/

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