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Postby Guest » Tue Jun 19, 2012 8:20 pm

An example of specifics would be: last week, Superior Mobile Medics imposed a charge back on an exam I performed in October 2011 stating that i had used the wrong form. It was a direct case and i have had no complaint from the agent. Research I did on the case reveals that at that time SMM did not have that IC's form in its library. SMM has the form now, but on the ppwk generated when I billed the exam, it states that SMM does not have the form. As it was a re-billable IC, I used the form found on the website of the PC SMM would bill through. The only difference is the medical exam page. There is no way of proving what the correct form was then as it has now been updated, and SMM now has the form availabler on line. I have notified Shelby at SMM that I do not think a chargeback at this late date was fair. I have not yet heard back

I am pleased and gratified to say that SMM has agreed to refund my chargeback as outlined above. there are those on this board who have accused me of working for SMM and/or sticking up for them whatever happens. This is not true; I have never even met an SMM employee, but I have been doing business with them for several years and they have always treated me fairly and often gone out of their way to help. This is just one more example of a positive working relationship, and I thought I should share the outcome of the problem above with the board.- Angel

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