getting organised

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getting organised

Postby Stickler » Sun Jul 03, 2011 6:10 pm

Who here has a dedicated office in their home? I do. I mean, it has my desk, printer/fax/copier, centrifuge, computer(s), file cabinet, shredder, EKG charging space, reference books, kits and supplies and little else. It it never used as a "guest room", store room, or anything else (except when I play computer games while my faxes are going through.)

I deduct the sq footage of the room from the sq footage of the house, % it, and deduct that % from my taxes, as well as the same % from my homeowners ins, elec., gas, and property taxes.

You have to be careful with this, being able to PROVE this space is for business use only, in case you get audited and have to show photos of the room, but it sure is worth it to me. I even deduct a % of my cleaning lady's fee.

In re: cleaning lady and home office HIPAA, just prove your finling cabinet has a lock on it and keep all PI in the cabinet.

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