Very excited about...

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Very excited about...

Postby PMSexaminer » Fri May 06, 2011 5:59 pm

Rolling out PMSoffice, the software for those who are exam companies in their own right, and updates for PMSexaminer. :mrgreen:

We now offer a scheduling calendar that allows you enter a client, their location, requirements, date and time of appt. with the click of a button. It's customized to the hours you work and it shows you all time slots still available for scheduling your other clients.

Orders and statuses can now be uploaded directly into your system and theirs via encrypted file transfers.

Advanced features for quickly locating client, agent, exam company, and examiners within various forms.

Direct access to a newly created user's forum from the main menu and much, much more.

Both programs are available in a simultaneous free trial allowing you to move quickly back and forth between them to check out all the features and flexibility PMS software provides.

And, as always, with our software there are no monthly fees, no per case fees, and your data is always in your possession and at your fingertips, even when your internet connection isn't.

The sayings "time is money" and "it takes money to make money" have never been more true than they are today. Spending a lot less time on office tasks means you'll have a lot more time for doing the part that pays the bills, exams.

For those who have already purchased PMSexaminer, we will gladly apply your purchase price towards the purchase of PMSoffice, if Office better meets your needs.

It costs nothing to see what we can do for you and your business.

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