What's Going on with Iggbo

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What's Going on with Iggbo

Postby UnHappyCamper » Mon Jan 29, 2018 2:58 pm

For awhile everything was great with Iggbo. They paid every week and on time. Ever since the switch over to their new Care+ platform things have changed. They do not pay weekly anymore, they changed that without notifying anyone. When asked about pay their response is the labs take 30-45 days to pay. Okay, so we'll be paid once a month - a month and a half? Nope. They mean 30-45 days to pay Iggbo and then Iggbo takes their sweet time to pay you. So they don't pay in a timely fashion anymore. I'm being paid maybe once every two months from them. When asked to speak with specific people at Iggbo I'm told they no longer work there by some while others have told me they still do. What? It's happened a second time when I asked to speak with a specific person I'd been conversing with and a couple of weeks later they are no longer with Iggbo. Although their LinkedIn still claims they do, maybe they have not updated it yet. I don't know anymore. It seems a giant tree has grown over Iggbo and they get shadier every day.

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Re: What's Going on with Iggbo

Postby berykute » Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:24 am

I worked with them a couple of years ago. They have always had problems.

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