SMM- Prometheus orders

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SMM- Prometheus orders

Postby Guest » Sat Jan 17, 2015 9:31 pm

When I first started doing these I was told the compensation was 25.00. Then the 2.00 admin fee- dropped to 23.00. I hadn't done any in a long time because of that- but the admin is across the board for anything SMM does- Probably charges agents also and who knows what they are charging a clinical trial.
Anyway I did one because I was available and it was like in my back yard. They called me for another one also close. At this time of year 23.00 to draw 2 tubes of blood sounds good.
However- lots of ways now they(SMM) are saying you won't get paid at all if you don't do. Granted not putting names on tubes is a fatal error- but got to have other info which is fine. While reading instructions take time - it is pretty standard for me that works for many.
What really got my attention was an automated phone call that I had to call number while at applicant home when I got there. If I did not I would not get paid. Because they have had so many no shows.
I not only had to log in and because I could not find the 9 digit work Id- ( on second page) had to do again- then you also have to check out when you leave to complete! There are already many pages to fill out when completed!
This was done on a Sat.
This particular collection is supposed to be sent overnight. But ...SMM says I can keep in refrigerator till Monday- To me that is already a reason to reject the specimen- which after all this other BS has so many ways I won't get paid!
I can't be sure but I think that in between the first and THIS LAST COLLECTION- I WAS PAID 22.00. ANOTHER DOLLAR LESS. Actually I am sure.
I will say this is their last time of roping me into something that requires well over an hour to complete a 10-15 minute visit. If I did this(Prometheus) a lot maybe it would be more cost effective.
But as a contractor that does not do presets- SMM got me on close to home and this time of year. I think both were any time on this day. This calling when I get there and when I leave BS- Read a description of a contractor- We are supposed to be able to schedule the work you send us. We are also able to turn down any work you send us. We also do the very best job we can do when we except because it is our business as well as yours. We are by far in statics the ones you count on, because we do what we say we will do.
I said I would do this before the phone call- crap. I did but won't do again. Except for mileage in this business - I refuse to start punching a time clock. I am an independent contractor.

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