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Postby Guest » Fri Nov 21, 2014 11:38 pm

There are list out there- I have a few of my own. I'm sure we have all been "had a time or two" or had to fight to get paid after the job is done and the app has policy in hand. Maybe changes made to a contract that was shoved in front of you when you happened to come by office to get supplies that no one mentioned changes.
We are easy targets lately. Mostly we are a bunch of women trying to make a living. While some would say we have no clue about business- the problem is we don't think about it the same way. In our world lately veterans are having to fight for work and then get mass emails like : "you can't status a client as a no show if you didn't show up." I am still laughing... but EC have lowered their standards that much and still don't give it to someone that is reliable and gets the job done for maybe 5-10 dollars more. EC even go so far as posting QC reports in an all inclusive email to an entire office. - Supposed to give us incentive or something- when I was in management that was a really big NoNO. But I'm old and I guess that is allowed now right?!
I will confess I have no clue on what motivates the millennials - somehow we raised them to be what they want to be- but somehow we forgot some steps - they all what to jump from being hired - work a couple of months - then challenge then squash anyone that might be in their way to the top of what ever potato they landed on. Are there more drugs out there then we are thinking?
Just asking..

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