Now giving report cards!!!

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Exam One

Now giving report cards!!!

Postby Exam One » Thu Mar 20, 2014 5:30 pm

This year, EX1 started the 4 mistakes only in three months, no matter how many exams you do. I did not make this many, so am not included, however, seems unfair instead of a percentage? And if examiners have a high percentage, why not stop using them, simple as that, without all the constant threats.That is all we get from our manager in emails, it's never anything positive.
Now they have implemented a dummy applicant who answers a million questions on the examiner, and basically writes a report card. Ridiculous and insulting to seasoned examiners who are dedicated to their work.
Again, if an examiner gets complaints and has a high error percentage, don't use them anymore, duh!
Imagine this is why the pay has gone down to pay people to come up with these stupid new rules and regulations. The constant threats and lowering of pay does little to keep the best examiners.
I haven't even gotten my "report card" and don't worry about it since I do what I am supposed to do, but seems like this company would consider rewards for excellence and stop threatening all the time and just stop using the bad examiners, simple solution.
Many of us in my area are now doing more work as independants for other companies and EX1 is seeing our availability times going down.
Wake up Ex1 if you want to keep the good examiners!
And yes, this is a yipe fest post, because it is our hope that eX1 does see what they are doing.

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